Contact Improvisation in depth workshop

15-16/09 | 13:30-17:30

Our relationship with our body is a reflection of the ability we have to connect with other bodies. Being sensitive to the small details in the movement of the body, comes in direct relation to the ability to be open to the other body's movement in contact improvisation.

With practices inspired by Feldenkris and Ilan Lev, we'll work on opening the body with awareness, so we can meet our partner in dance from a deep understanding of our own body.

From this aware base we will look for the edges of movement and body.
Flying - speed - flow, theses will be a natural development for us, as long as we are aware of the deepest movement in the body.

Friday - Saturday | 15-16/09/2017
350 NIS
(300 NIS Early reg. till 10/9)

Hakvutza, Shtulim 47, Tel-Aviv

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