Dance Classes in the park

Park Roi Baudouin

As dancers we exercise our ability to express ourselves through the way we move the body. Movement texture, intention, quality of motion and musicality, are but a few of our options to engage ourselves fully in the body of the present moment. By practicing our ability to shift movement qualities and alternate our attention across the body, we gain an understanding of what makes us who and what we are as humans, movers, artists, etc.

In this workshop we will practice expressing our physicality, both individually and as a collective. We will explore the potential of moving our attention across the textures and intentions we have in each moment - to discover another inner truth - expressed through the moving (or still) body(ies).

Come reading to sweet and maybe discover your body's limits.

Morning classes are in the park, unless it rains then we meet at the Studio of DCJ.
Evening classes are at Danscentrum Jette. (follow the info below)

We meet at *Atelier 340* (Drève de Rivieren 334 - 1090 Bruxelles) on the garden side (back side) then we go together in the park. (Please arrive 20min before the class to the meeting point so we can all walk together into the park.)

(In case of rain: Danscentrum Jette, Rue Edmond Van Cauwenbergh 55, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.)

Dates July:

Monday (June) 28th - Friday 2nd - 11:15 - 13:15 -- Park Roi Baudouin
Monday 5th - Friday 9th - 11:15 - 13:15 -- Park Roi Baudouin

Monday 12th - Friday 16th - 18:45 - 20:45 -- Danscentrum Jette
Tuesday 20th - Friday 23rd - 18:45 - 20:45 -- Danscentrum Jette

Monday 26th - Friday 30th - 11:15 - 13:15 -- Park Roi Baudouin

More details: