The Ilan Lev method works on improving the body’s functionality and helps with overcoming injuries. It relieves pains of a physical or an emotional nature, fixes the circulation of movement in the body, reduces muscular tension and treats problems in both skeletal and joint issues.

During a session, through gentle manipulations, we find continual motion in the body, exploring fresh pathways for the movement to pass through and establishing new neural connections. Through working with the body’s kinetic possibilities we restore the flow of information within the system as a whole, creating a rich and full dialogue between the practitioner and the patient. Old injuries, emotional traumas, fear and habitual movement patterns are rerouted and released. The body can explore infinite new ways of moving more efficiently, more easily, with a lot of joy and energy. The session is intensive, with endless new material that allows insight to be acquired within the patient.

Over the course of his career as a dancer, Ady Elzam has developed his own way of approaching the body through movement. He came into contact with the Ilan Lev method after an injury, and he was amazed by the technique’s playfulness, joyfulness and ability to heal. He joined one of Ilan’s first practitioner training cycles in 2010, after which he became Ilan’s assistant, giving treatments all around Israel.

A session is about 1 hour long and costs 90€.

If interested, please contact Ady at:

+31 6 5885 9045 - WhatsApp

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