If we don't heal - we stay wounded

Work in progress 2018

Starting from a place of emptiness
Memories, shapes, symbols start to appear
All in relation to the object of desire
Unattainable, ungaspble, full of non-meaning
Who is serving whom?
The answer must be here somewhere

Crazy wisdom is absolute perceptiveness, with fearlessness and bluntness. Fundamentally, it is being wise, but not holding to particular doctrines or disciplines or formats. There aren't any books to follow. Rather, there is endless spontaneity taking place. There is room for being blunt, room for being open. That openness is created by the environment itself. In fact, at the level of crazy wisdom, all activity is created by the environment. The crazy wisdom person is just an activator, just one of the conditions that have evolved in the environment.

Working with the idea of a non-ordinary reality, the perception of a world of total aliveness, in all parts sentient, in all parts physical, in all parts capable of being known and being used …for healing, for renewal, and for bringing into the profane world the transformational powers of sacred time and space.

(text based on quotes by: Brooke Medicine Eagle & Chögyam Trungpa)