Dance piece for 9 dancers

We-Intention is a real time work for a group that is looking for a common ground, a collective action. The group moves within a set score that allows them to lose their individuality into the movement of the whole, which in turn supports the individual choices they take.

What lies at the heart of a collective action is the presence in the mind of each participant of a “we-intention” - John Searle

The work was created for “Tel-Aviv Beach” Festival in Riga with 9 dancers from “I-Dejas mājas” with the support of the Israeli embassy in Latvia.

Performers: Simona Orinska , Sanita Ribena, Ieva Vitola, Alda Rusina, Ksenija Simanova, Viljams Plešs, Sabine Neilande , Kristine Jasinska, Aigers Larionovs.

Music by: Alan Watts, Tom Waits, Cibelle.