Body Mechanics - Eyes & Sight

April 30th - May 4th, 2018 | 12:15-14:15

The eyes can be controlled both consciously and unconsciously. If we want to move our eyes by choice we can do so, but if we don't try to control the eyes they will still move around and provide the subconscious mind with information. By consciously moving the eyes we ‘hack’ that information base and gain an opportunity to change deep rooted movement patterns. 

As infants, movement starts in our eyes. Over the first 10-12 weeks of our life we learn to move our eyes and follow objects and lines. Sight is the main source of movement much before we develop depth perception and eye-hand coordination (which comes around 4 months later). 

In this module we will work on expanding our possibilities of movement through the way we use our eyes. By differentiating the movement of the eyes from the rest of the body, we will gain new insight to the way we can actively use sight and eye movement as input for creativity & full body mobilisation. 

We'll be looking for unused possibilities of movement, challenging our patterns and rediscovering visual information the eyes send to the brain. Our eyes provide clues and stimulations that are important for the way we move about in 3D space. By being in this state, we stimulate our brain to return to the infant state of awe and wonder - which is a key state for our improvisational mindset.

We will practice different states of eye and sight, and explore how it influences our physicality and movement in space. Focusing and unfocusing, peripheral vision, scanning and staring - are some of the states we will define and learn to move within. Inspired by or disturbed by these states, we will challenge ourselves to change the habitual way of eye use.

The work is inspired by Ilan Lev & Feldenkrais, and will include coordination games, reaction exercises, working with Instinct and control while exploring movement principals. 


Monday April 30th - Friday May 4th, 2018 | 12:15-14:15 
(Single day drop in possible)

Dans Centrum Jette  - Edmond van Cauwenberghstraat 55 

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