Wednesdays improvisation sessions

Dance | Music | Improvisation

This is a space for dancers and musicians to practice multi-disciplinary improvisation and instant composition.

In these sessions we intend to create a practice setting, where all participants are responsible for what happens in the space, giving and receiving input, being observed as well as being the observers. 

Improvisation as composition, is making choices in time and space. Choices we take in a moment (time) create a frame (space) for the improvisation to happen.  By practicing the ability of composing the space, with choices made in specific timings, we learn to create Instant composition. Then we might find ourselves part of an instant composition (improvised) performance. Choices in time, composition of space and presence; these are our motives for being in this space, and that’s what we’ll practice.

We are all in charge of what can and will happen in this space, being available for improvisation and creating a space that is available for sound and movement to appear. 


Meetings of instant composition in the coming months: 
(Please arrive on time and stay for the whole session)

The Wednesday Sessions are on a break till further notice.

(Cover photo by: Magui Pichinini)