Private online therapy sessions

Let the healing come to you

Private therapy sessions are a wonderful way to take care of yourself. As we are facing a new reality of online and home practice, I’ve designed a module that allows us to meet and exchange, so even from a distance, healing can still be an active part of your life. Every session is custom made for you and what your body needs at this moment.

The sessions are in the spirit of the Ilan Lev Method, which works on improving the body’s functionality and helps with overcoming injuries. It relieves pains of a physical or an emotional nature, fixes the circulation of movement in the body, reduces muscular tension and treats problems in both skeletal and joint issues.

What you can expect from an online therapy session:

I will also design instructions for “self energetic care” specific to your body and what you’re working with at the moment. This is different for every body, and includes tracing energy pathways in your body, encouraging healing.

Sessions are at least one hour long.

Cost is on a sliding scale: 30-50€ (pay what you can)

To make an appointment for your online therapy session you can reach me on:
+32 477 232 997