Contact Improvisation Lab

Intensive at the Israeli CI Festival 2016

The questions that come up during the practice of Contact, are individual, and every practitioner has a personal rhythm of learning. The more we practice, the more themes and questions will arise, as the practice is individual. If we focus on a specific aspect, it will lead us to learn in our own pace. A contact lab is a place for; exploring personal interest, asking questions and brining your curiosity. 


In the lab, we’ll enter the studio and learn from ourselves and the people around us. The participants will choose every morning the course of the work for that day, such as; arising themes for investigation, discussion, dividing in to groups by shared interest, structuring the time for shared practice, choosing the work frame, etc…

Everyone has a equal voice, and all are leading the process together.

Teachers from the ICIL, will hold the space and energy and keep the learning process in motion, But they will not “teach” or lead the exploration. The themes will be shaped by the participants during the Lab. You can come without a specific question, and be inspired by other people’s questions, or start moving and let the question come to you.

You are invited to suggest questions and ways of practice up to a week before the festival, to:  - THE INTENSIVE IS SOLD OUT

This intensive is proposed for experienced CI practitioners.

Facilitated by Ady Elzam & Michal Sternbach

Michal Sternbach
Over the last few years, I find myself relating more and more to the connection between dance and communication. I'm fascinated by the story beyond the words that our body reveals. I'm intrested in the various ways body connectivity can develop, and it's affects on changing emotional and movement oriented patterns. Currently, i am a Movement Dance therapist, and Ilan Lev therapist.

Dec. 26th 2016  --  Jan. 1st 2017

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