Dance Training

September 3rd - 7th | 10:00 - 12:00

We'll be looking for unused possibilities of movement, challenging our patterns and rediscovering information our body sends to the brain. Proprioception provides clues and stimulations that are important for the way we move about in 3D space. By being in this state, we stimulate our brain to return to the infant state of awe and wonder - which is a key clue for our improvisational mindset.

We will practice states of being and moving, and explore how it influences our physicality and movement in space. These states we will define how we learn to move within limitation. Inspired by or disturbed by these states, we will challenge ourselves to change our habitual way of movement.

The work is inspired by Ilan Lev & Feldenkrais, and will include coordination games, reaction exercises, working with Instinct and control while exploring movement principals. 


Monday - Friday | September 3rd - 7th | 10:00-12:00
10€ per class (45€ for the full week)
Drop-in possible

Classes @ Studio CityGate 

The Entrance is from here: Its a bit tricky as the entrance is from a street called Rue des Deux Gares. (but both FB and GM say different things..) Its the big Red gate, and someone will be there From 09:30-10:00 to let people in..


For more info:

+32 477 232 997