Falling Into the Unknown: Exploring Contact Improvisation

Friday 31st March

In this contact improvisation class, we will explore the concept of surrendering to the unknown. We will investigate the sensation of falling from one axis to another, and inquire into what happens in the space between those falls. By practicing being in the unknown, we will discover new possibilities for movement and connection with our dance partners.

We will also delve into the idea of finding balance within imbalance, and how this can lead to a deeper sense of trust and collaboration in our dance. Throughout the class, we will cultivate a willingness to be without answers, and embrace the journey of discovery that arises from surrendering to the present moment.

The teachers:
Yochai Ginton and Ady Elzam have been exploring the unknown for a long time.. together and apart. They both have a professional dance training, and have been sharing a unique friendship that has grown over the years with connection to their shared fascination of silence.

Friday 31st March - 14:00-18:00

CLOUD/danslab studio
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20-B, 2518 RA Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Fee: 40€

Join us for this unique opportunity to explore the practice of contact improvisation in a safe and supportive environment. All levels of experience are welcome. Come with an open mind and a willingness to surrender to the unknown. We look forward to dancing with you!

For info or registration:
+31 6 58859045