Dance Training - Rest in Motion

July 27th - 31st 2020

How do we keep our bodies stable yet available, settled yet moveable?
What is the distance between functionality and control?
And how do we invite adaptability into our moving bodies?

We are looking for a balance between rest and action.
A combination between creating movement and riding it.

An adaptable, conscious, curious body has more control, stability and ease. In order for our bodies to become available, our systems must first learn to work as a whole. We start by isolating movements of individual body parts, realising that each action and every particular movement connects to the whole body, has supporters throughout the body and is sustained by the totality of the dialogue between the parts.

Rest in Motion research focuses on finding a balance between holding/controlling/fixing and availability/relaxation/allowing. In these classes we look at the functionality of our moving body, going deeply into movement patterns and searching for easy, simple ways of moving, while keeping the body and mind open. By experiencing rest in motion as a physical state, we train our bodies to be ready, available and adaptable, so movement can easily pass through it.

Monday 24th - Friday 28th | 18:00 - 20:00

@ Dans Centrum Jette

(Edmond van Cauwenberghstraat 55, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels | )

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