instant composition Workshop

Riga, Latvia

Improvisation, from the point of composition, is making choices in time and space. Choices we take in a moment (time) are meant to create a frame (space) for the dance to happen in. And so, in instant composition we don’t try to dance, we are simply creating a setting (of time & space) for the dance to appear in.

Gathering in a studio together, gives us a setting for dance to appear, simply because we are in the same time and in the same space. While a jam is a setting defined as a playful space to explore movement, a class setting is clearly set by the teacher in to a specific direction. In this workshop we wish to create an instant composition setting, where all of us are responsible for what happens in the space as well as being the observers. 

We are all responsible for what can and will happen in this dance, it’s not about me or you dancing, it’s about us being available for the space and the space being available for movement. By practicing the ability of making choices in time, and the composition of space, we learn to create Instant composition, Then we might find ourselves moving as part of an instant composition (improvised) dance piece.

Being seen brings choices of time & space in to presence, this is simply because an audience is present in space. That’s how a dance piece is made in instant composition. Choices in time, composition of space, and presence, These are our motives for movement, and that’s what we’ll practice.

Subjects we will touch in the workshop:

We meet in the studio with a wish to challenge what we know, excited to learn new things about ourselves and about movement. We come open and willing to work and release past patterns. We will challenge our minds and our perception of movement, and hopefully achieve something we never did before.


July 14th | 18:00-20:00 

July 15th | 11:00-17:00 

July 16th | 11:00- 17:00 

@ MA space - Riga, Latvia.

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