Sense it - weekend Workshop

June 1st - 2nd | 11:00 - 17:00

In this weekend workshop we will take a close look at the way we move our body and the information we attain from the senses. We will work with framing and limiting the body to discover new movement pathways.

Our senses give us constant feedback about the state of our body, the surroundings we find ourselves in, and the shape of our mind. During this workshop, we will start by expanding our sensorial awareness, which allows us a deep look into our habits. We will then experiment with framing and limiting movements, so that we can create situations in which the body can discover new, un-habitual ways of moving. We allow the body to instantaneously create forms by sensing the movement, rather than the movement coming from a visual perspective. We gain a unique possibility to identify our habitual movement patterns, and start creating new pathways of movement by choosing to take the road less travelled. 

June 1st - 2nd | 11:00 - 17:00
70€ for both days
40€ for one day

Workshop @ Studio CityGate, Brussels.

Info and registration:

The Entrance to Studio CityGate is from here: the street called Rue des Deux Gares. (but both FB and GM say different things..) Its the BLUE door that under the sign 'BYRRRH'. (someone will be there to let people in)