Flying in flow - Flow in flying

CI workshop

An intensive CI workshop in which we will practice specific movement principles to allow ourselves to fly in a flow. (flying = in the dance with a partner moving through the levels, on and off the ground, low and high).

In order to arrive at the point of flying, we must find out what makes us move and examine it. By studying the basics of CI and concious movement, we find much freedom in complex motion. The honesty of our moving bodies finds flow through space and in contact with an other moving body. We become free and confident to flow in the dance.

Understanding the body is the key with which we unlock the door to complex movement.

We will examine:

- Movement possibilities around the joints.

- How to listen to our partners body.

- Honesty of movement.

- Finding our dance.

- Flying in flow.

Every day we will start with Feldenkriz/Ilan-Lev inspired work, this will allow us to open up the body and be ready for movement.

(This workshop is open for all levels.)

August 12-13 | 10:30 - 15:30
The New Space - Rue de Fierlant 99‎, Brussels 

Fee: 70€

For registration please email your full name,experience and city of residence to: